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Excerpt! (already) [01 Nov 2006|10:34pm]

Yeah, yeah, I'm an attention whore.

The rumors of a mysterious rival!Collapse )

Cue chapter two, "A Brief Half An Hour Later".
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*wasting time* [31 Oct 2006|01:07pm]

In A.D. 2006, Nano was beginning.
Writer: What happen?!
Novel: Someone set us up the word count!
Novel: We get writer's block.
Writer: What!
Novel: Main character turn on.
Writer: It's you!!
Writer's BLOCK: How are you gentlemen!!
Writer's BLOCK: All your Nano are belong to us!
Writer's BLOCK: You are on the way to failure!
Writer: What you say!!
Writer's BLOCK: You have no chance to reach 50,000 make your time!
Writer's BLOCK: Ha Ha Ha Ha...
Novel: Writer!
Writer: Take off every class.
Writer: You know what you doing.
Writer: Move setting.
Writer: For great justice.
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Character worksheet. [31 Oct 2006|01:01am]

Hey guys, I found a good character worksheet on Holly Lisle's website. It helped me figure some things out about Alex...use it for whoever needs some more developing. Here is Alex's sheet:

• Choose a gender. Female

• Choose a place of birth. Valencia

• Choose a hobby. Comic books, beach pictures/paintings?

• Choose a past job. Flipping burgers at McDonald’s.

• Choose a present job. Starring as Macy Day/Daymare in Macy Day.

• Choose a past love interest. Unnamed antagonist.
• Choose an enemy. Unnamed antagonist.

• Choose a pet. Luis, a pitbull.

• Why is your character not working at the old job? She hated the grease, and she and a customer got into a shouting match once over an order of fries that ended up with her walking out.

• Why is your character not with the old love interest? She thought he wasn’t interested, and then he moved away, and now he’s back, but apparently evil.
• Why does your character not make the hobby a profession? Because she’s got a really good career in the works as a TV actress.

• How did your character make the enemy? By having superpowers and opposing his not-so-nice use of his own powers.

• How did the pet once save the character's life? Luis warns her of her enemy’s not-so-niceness and though this might not have saved her life at that moment, it put her on her guard.

• What is the one thing in the world your character would do anything to avoid? Why? What has he already done to avoid this? What do you see him doing in the future to avoid it? Getting someone hurt…getting someone involved in her messes. Having her heart broken. She will be very wary around her enemy.

• What is the one thing in the world your character would do anything in the world to have? Why? What has he already done to try to obtain it? What does he hope to try in the future? The power to be invisible for a little while…to be a bit more normal.

• What is your character's name? What is your character's age, and physical description. Alexandra Jane Rivers, Alex for short. She is 17, has straight blond hair about shoulder length with dark streaks, blue eyes, tanned skin.

• Write everything else you know about your character, right now. Alex is a fairly normal teenager, except she stars on a TV show. She finds friends in Melisenda and her as-of-yet unnamed costar, and a (lukewarm) love interest in surfer Hunter, while ignoring her feelings for the antagonist. Macy’s ability to sink into shadows, eventually transferred to Alex, reflects her desire to be somewhat invisible from the world.

Just substitute my stuff for yours, and enjoy. :D
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Session announcement! [30 Oct 2006|09:38pm]

Dia gave me a wonderful suggestion today -- a pre-Nano party! Everyone and anyone around who's free, meet us in the monkeyscantype chatroom about an hour before midnight EST tomorrow (the day before November 1st) to celebrate the beginning of the next 30 stressful days of our lives!
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Introductions [30 Oct 2006|09:32pm]

Please tell us a little bit about your Nano project by filling out this form! This way I can also keep a list of everyone participating on our userinfo.

Link to Nano LJ: This isn't required, but if you have one I can link to that instead of your personal journal.
Title of Nano Project: Feel free to go into some detail on why you picked it!
Basic plot: Self explanatory, hopefully.
Characters: Tell us about your main characters (if you have any in mind.)
Number of ninjas present in your story: THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT TO KNOW.

Feel free to add anything else you'd like about yourself or your project.
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Welcome! [31 Oct 2006|01:52am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Welcome, everyone, to Monkeys On Typewriters (and yes, monkeys can type.) This is a Nanowrimo community dedicated to the sharing of triumphs, obstacles, and the proper care and feeding of the monkeys we use to type our our novels for us.

This is not a closed community; everybody is free to join and post. Invite your friends, neighbors, roommates, siblings, and brokers! Feel free to post about anything you'd like: your nano project, rants about said nano projects, challenges, plugs, discussion questions, pleas for help with your plot/characters/title/names/anything you'd like. We are all here for you.

We also have an official AIM chatroom: monkeyscantype. While we'll only have official sessions once every week or so, feel free to invite yourself in anytime you'd like to see if anyone's around to talk to! We'll have word wars, issue challenges, and commiserate over our writing together. It will be fun, trust me!

I'll post and edit this section once an official schedule is up. When will everybody be free? I am thinking Saturdays or Sundays around 6 EST, but I'm not sure this would work for everyone.

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